The Adventure

Each session is different, I cannot stress this enough! I'm here to document you, the real you, not some posed catalog version of you. Please read through how I structure my sessions to ensure we are a great fit.

What to expect


1| Posing

I get it, it feels awkward showing up to a photo shoot and not knowing how to pose or what to do with your hands! I have been there myself and that's why I work to make my sessions as true to you as possible. I'm one of those people who loves to live in the moment and photograph moments as they happen. With that in mind, expect most of your images to be candid with the occasional posed perfect image in the mix. Don't fret I will still give you some direction!

2| Communication

I am a huge believer in communication and love languages. For the most part you can expect me to over communicate 24/7. My goal is to create an actual relationship with each client. I will NOT shoot with anyone before meeting/video chatting you. I chose this profession because I love connection and know there is a lot more to a session than just showing up and taking pretty pictures. That being said I don't expect you to spend your free time texting me 24/7. No one has time for that!

3| Planning

You probably aren't a wedding or photography expert and that's okay! I am here to help. I can recommend wedding vendors, show example timelines, and guide you in when to schedule your couples photos. We will sit down and talk about all of the small details, you'll have my number for fashion advice, and guides to help planning.

4| Availability

I do not take every wedding or session that inquires. This helps ensure my workload is realistic and that my clients can get their images back sooner without taking attention away from their images. Don't worry I do refer out and will always respond. Typically I schedule my Sundays for responding to emails. I appreciate your patience in waiting for a response to your request as I am using the remaining time in my week to shoot, spend time with family, and edit.

5| Editing style

Each session is different, from the people to the places and every little detail in between. This includes the editing! There's many factors that go into the finished product and "presets" aren't what makes the photo- you are! Each edit is tailored to you. I want you to look back at these photos and feel the same warm and fuzzies as the day we took them.


Life is more than just the pretty moments, lets document it!